Welcome to Baby Savers South Africa.

A National Coalition to End Unsafe Infant Abandonment

Giving desperate mothers the option of safe infant relinquishment.

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What we do

BSSA is a national coalition of organisations, NPOs and PBOs that provide a safe alternative to unsafe baby abandonment through the use of a Baby Saver. BSSA operates in all nine provinces of South Africa.

Our main objectives are to:


Protect a child’s right to life in terms of section 11 of the Constitution through the use of a Baby Saver by having certified Baby Savers installed all over South Africa.


Create public awareness of the existence and location of Baby Savers across the country for desperate mothers in need.


Guide and support existing Baby Saver organisations on the management of their Baby Savers.


Guide and support new Baby Saver organisations on the installation and management of their Baby Savers.

What we have achieved

These numbers show the current stats surrounding safe infant relinquishment in South Africa since July 1999.

Baby Savers Nationally
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Infants Safely Relinquished
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Legalise Baby Savers & Baby Safe Havens: Save Children’s Lives

Please help us reach 50 000 signatures by signing our petition.

Please sign this petition to support our proposal that baby savers and baby safe havens should be legalised – together we can decrease unsafe abandonment and reduce the number of babies who needlessly die. We can also reduce trauma for those who are handed into care, rather than being left to face the odds alone.

Child protection organisations

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A national list of South Africa’s accredited adoption service providers.

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